Wild boar hunter stew

For the preparation of a wild boar hunter stew, there are a few ingredients that need to be used, such as a deboned calf, well-chopped onion, summer savory, white wine for the softness of the meat, and spices added taste wisely. The calf is to be cut into pieces, well rinsed and thrown into a kettle, in which one cup of oil is already frizzling.

After the meat is frizzling and is softening on all sides, enough onions need to be mixed, so that the sauce can be formed inside, in order to sweeten the meat. When the onion becomes soft too, the mixture is to be put out by adding a cup of white wine. Meanwhile, some spices such as salt, pepper, chili powder and summer savory can be also sprinkled on top. After this, the meat should be left to boil well. At the end, some well-chopped cloves of garlic and green parsley can be also mixed into the stew.

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