Get amazed with the beautiful colors of Voronet Monastery

Voroneţ Monastery, also called the Eastern Sistine Chapel, has the annual fete entitled „Sfântul Gheorghe” (Saint George). It had been erected between 26 th of May and 14 th of September 1488. In the year 1547, it was added the church porch by the bishop Grigore Roşca. In the same year it was also painted. 

It had been initially a church for the monks, but the monarchal life was dashed after 1785. The monastery was re-established in 1991, and the monarchal life was resumed by the community of nuns.The church had been built out of stone. Both the inside and outside paintings (carried-out between 1534-1535 and 1547), stand out due to their painting methods and colors, being characterized for their harmony, chromatics and compositional strength. The background of the entire outside painting, the famous “Voroneț blue”, is unique.

A piece of the 15 th century painting is still well-kept in the nave and communion table. The votive painting situated in the nave depicts Stephen the Great, together with Maria Voichiţa, a little girl, and Bogdan, the subsequent ruler. The scene of “The Last Judgment” was painted in 1547 on the Westside of the church by the artist named Marcu. This painting has got the church the name of “The Sistine Chapel”. On the southern side, one can depict the Tree of Jesse („Arborele lui Iesei”). 

On the left side of the entrance, there is a painting of the Metropolitan bishop Grigore Roşca and Daniel the Hesychast (Cuviosul Daniil Sihastru). On the top of the entrance one can admire the icon of Deesis (“Deisis”). The abutment is covered in suggestive paintings of the life of Saint Ioan cel Nou and Saint George.

The tombs of the Metropolitan bishop Grigore Roşca and Daniel the Hesychast are located inside the church. The bell tower was built from stone, with a gallery at the entrance. The church shelters two bells which were offered by Stephen the Great. In the courtyard, one can see the remaining of some medieval buildings, such as cells and the lordly house.

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