Trout with cream

Freshly fished from the clear rapids in the mountains, the trout has to be carefully peeled and rinsed. Afterwards, it needs to be salted and left to rest.

Meanwhile, a small onion has to be stewed in a pan in which fresh butter is added and left there until it becomes glossy. The onion is put out with vegetable soup and left to boil.

The trout is to be mixed with white flour on all sides and then fried on both sides until it gets to a color similar to gold.

Some fat cream is added in the boiling soup, then, after it boils two times to seethe, salt and pepper are mixed into it, taste wisely. The fish is then placed carefully onto the mixture, so that it can boil in the cream. After the fish got boiled, one clove of well-chopped garlic and a bit of parsley is sprinkled on top of the fish. The dish can be served with polenta and a glass of wine.

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