Trout soup

In a mountain area, full of cold steams as in the region of Bucovina, the trout can live and grow in the most favorable conditions, and the local people use it for preparing all sorts of dishes, the trout soup being one of the most appreciated dishes by the fish eaters.

For a well-prepared soup, one needs to use one trout, onions, bell peppers, a few baked tomatoes, a green chili pepper, vat sour borsch, rice and at the end fresh parsley and lovage.

After rinsing out and chopping the vegetables, they need to be stewed in at a medium flame, then water and salt should be added and let to boil.

The fish is to be carefully peeled and cut into pieces. It is to be boiled for 10 minutes along with the borsch and rice. After that, the well-chopped green chilli pepper, fresh parsley and lovage are to be added on top.

The soup can be served along with a chili pepper and cream.

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