Experience the living folklore of Ciocănești

Ciocănești village, located in the mountain side of the county of Suceava, is unique due to the
outside paintings of the houses, on which one can see traditional motifs, such as traditional coats (bundițe), Romanian homespun skirts (catrințe), and shirts and other pieces of the traditional costumes.

Ciocănești village has had the first documented mention since 1400, in a charter, in it being written that Alexandru cel Bun had registered receiving the Suhard Mountain, from his wife, Ana, as a present for his ruling. The village still keeps the rich and unaltered ethnographical and folkloric funds and the art of making of the folk costumes.

The visitors of the village have noticed that the houses are painted with symbols which can be also found on the decorated Easter eggs. So, the fame of this village consist of having houses on which are painted motifs found on the decorated Easter eggs, but, in fact, the women have been drawing on the eggs the decorations which they have been embroidering on traditional coats (bundițe), Romanian homespun skirts (catrințe), shirts or girdles(chimir).

How to get there!

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