Beautiful historical monument

The Crown Fortress was mentioned for the first time in a document dating from February 10 th 1388 and was built during the times when Petru I was ruling. 

The ruler Alexandru cel Bun (Alexander I of Moldavia) had furtherly fortified the fortress, but the greatest development was done during the times of Stephen the Great, who restored the buidings from inside, added the enclosure walls, extended and funded the defense grooves. The fortress had endured great sieges(1476, 1485, 1497), not being conquered until 1538, when it was taken possession of, because of the betrayal of the boyars.

The Crown Fortress, built at the end of the 14 th century close to the medieval city named Suceava, had been the main residence of the rulers of Moldavia for almost 200 years. Nowadays it is considered a national historical monument.

Inside the fortress, one can visit the permanent exhibition, as well as the first and the most comprehensive representation of the medieval weapons of Moldavia, of the coats of arms belonging to the rulers and boyars of Moldavia dating from the XIV – XVII centuries, but also of the Medieval Thesaurus of Moldavia.

The Lapidarium recomposes for the first time the most comprehensive image of the Crown Fortress, pointing out the building systems and the architectural decoration, which were dominated in the 15 th century by variations of gothic themes. Domestic medieval utilities, such as terracotta fireplaces, combine in a very surprising and elegant manner the local decorative motifs with the Central-European ones.

How to get there!

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