The unique pilgrimages of Assumption of Mary

The county of Suceava is unique in the respect of pilgrimages which take place in August, with the occasion of the great Christian fate of the Assumption of Mary (Adormirea Maicii Domnului), in which thousands of Christian, Catholic and Armenian pilgrims from all over the country, the neighbor countries, as well as from Europe, The United States and Canada take part. In this way, with the occasion of the holy day of the Assumption of Mary, the pilgrimage centers are Putna Monastery for the Christian, Minor Basilica in Cacica for the Catholics and Hagigadar Monastery for the Armenians.

Christian-Orthodox people, especially from Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, participate every year to this pilgrimage at Putna Monastery.
Catholic people from all over the country, but also from other European countries participate toMinor Basilica in Cacica, declared a pilgrimage center for the Roman-Catholics. The church service is presented in Romanian, Polish, German and Hungarian.

The church in Cacica was declared in the year 1997 as a national Sanctuary, with all the privileges and dignity and own status. In the year 2000, Pope John Paul II raised the status of the Sanctuary in Cacica to Minor Basilica.

The pilgrimage at Hagigadar Monastery is organized in the closest Sunday to the date of 15 th of August, which is the holy day of the Assumption of Mary. Armenians from all over Romania, but also from the United States and Canada come together at Hagigadar Monastery.

Moreover, Suceava is the only city in Europe in which Armenians have built two monasteries, two churches and a chapel.

How to get there!

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