The tourists visiting Bucovina, willing to have an active holiday, can admire the outstanding views, while gliding through the rivers in the mountains.

River-rafting & Kayaking are two sports sought by the tourists coming to Bucovina. They can be practiced on the river Bistrița Aurie and on the river Moldova. The ones who practice these sports feel the adrenaline while going through little waterfalls and feel how the boat is carried through the water. To be able to control the boat, one needs a bit of skillfulness.

Since the 1960s, climbing-down on the kayak on the river Bistrița could be practiced. After the year 2000, the river-rafting could also be practiced there. Nowadays, there are many enterprises which organize such activities that encourage the active tourism.

The common tracks are 10 or 11 kilometers long, but one can climb down up till 40 kilometers on the boat, on longer tracks. The most interesting and visited area is Toance, in the village of Crucea, situated approximately 40 kilometers downstream from Vatra Dornei.