Rădăuți soup

This soup was first prepared in 1979 in a restaurant in Rădăuți, and nowadays it is preferred by a lot of people. One can find this soup in the menu of any restaurant or pension in Bucovina.

One needs to use the best ingredients to prepare a soup as delicious as possible. For 10 hungry tourists, one big chicken, grown in the country yard, fat cow cream, fresh vegetables, crushed garlic and green chopped parsley are needed.

The chicken needs to be rinsed and put into 5 liters of water with salt to boil. After foaming it well, the vegetables need to be added to the chicken and let to boil, at a lower flame, for one hour. The meat and vegetables have to be extracted afterwards and the soup still remains on the stove to boil. Separately, in a big bowl one needs to add 1 kilogram of cream and four yolks of egg, one spoon of crushed garlic and then mix them. The mixture is to be added to the soup. Once the soup bubbles up, the pot is to be taken away from the stove.

The chicken meat is to be detached from the bones and added to the soup. The soup is then soured with a bit of vinegar and then the green parsley is sprinkled on top.

The soup is served with bread baked in a fireplace and with a chili pepper.

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