The Princely Fortress of Suceava built at the end of the 14th century  near the Suceava medieval city had been the main residence of Moldavia’s rulers for almost 200 years. Today it is an important national historic monument.


The medieval arhitectonic assembly comprising the castle and the protection walls was consolidated and completed within a large financed project between 2011 and 2015 which restored the legendary spectacular look and the former subtle princely glamour.


In 2016 in Suceava’s Fortress there was organized the first permanent exhibition which illustrates important themes of great interest for the public, such as the first and the most comprehensive presentation of the medieval weapons in Moldavia, of the heraldic symbols of the Moldavian rulers and aristocrats between the 14th and 17th century or Moldavia’s medieval Treasure. For the first time the lapidarium recomposes the most complete image of Suceava’s fortress while it outlines the constructive systems and the architectural decoration, predominated in the 15th century by different Gothic themes. Medieval household facilities, such as the glazed stoves combine local decorative motifs with Central-European ones in an absolutely surprising and elegant way. The multimedia systems with medieval historical themes and video projections with subjects about the history of the fortress represent an innovation concerning the exhibition in Romania. The most well received by the visitors are Moldavia’s interactive book of medieval history – The foreigners about us and the video projection The Chronicle of Suceava’s Fortress, which reconstitutes an astonishing and animated world, remote and stil very real having the strong feeeling we are all part of the same story!

Check for the schedule on the official website!

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