„Poale-n brâu” pies

In every household, in winter and summer, for the Christian Remembrance of the Dead, the housewives bake cottage cheese pies, folded up in a specific way, which have later been named “Poale-n brâu”, due to their special shape.

The dough is made out of flour, milk, eggs, butter, barm, salt and sugar.

All these ingredients are mixed up and stirred until it becomes fluffy dough. It is left to grow for about two hours and then the dough is laid down and cut into squares.

Meanwhile, as the dough is left to grow, the mixture for the filling is prepared. The cottage cheese is sweetened with sugar and then mixed with the yolk of an egg and one drop of rum essence. On top of the dough squares, two spoons of filling are added and then it is wrapped up by joining the corners together. An egg mixed with sugar is stirred and the pies are abundantly lubricated with this composition. The pies are then baked in the stove and when they are taken out, a bit of powder sugar is sprinkled on top of them.

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