Bucovina is a piece of heaven for people who are passionate about practicing different kinds of activities outside, as it offers a multitude of possibilities.

No matter the physical condition or the time of the year, the tourists can always find an activity that suits them, varying from trips, which can be traced on the marked paths located near the monasteries, to rock climbing, which can be practiced at different locations, such as the Pine Stone, in Gura Humorului, or the Falcon Stone, in the Rarău Massif.

A number of 45 mountain tracks are marked in Suceava county, in locations such as Obcina Mare, Obcina Feredeului, Obcina Mestecănişului, Obcina Voroneţului, the Suhard Mountains, the Călimani Mountains, the Stânişoara Mountains, the Rarău Massif or the Giumalău Massif.

 The most appreciated mountain tracks are situated in the Rarău-Giumalău Mountains. Here, the tracks can be roamed between half an hour, if one wants to get to “Deia” lodge in Câmpulung Moldovenesc, and from 4 to 6 hours, differing from the intensity of the track, in order to reach “Rarăul” logde.

From “Rarăul” lodge to the Giumalău Peak(1857m), there is a track that can be gone through and it takes almost 11 hours to stroll in order to reach the destination.

There are also easier tracks in the region, situated in the Bistrița Mountains, starting from the village named Rusca; in the Călimani Mountains, departing from Vatra Dornei; but also in Suhard Mountains, departing from the village Ciocănești and arriving at the Hermitage of the Holy Cross.

The tourists that visit this region are not only attracted by the multitude of the monasteries, but also by the marvelous view of the Bucovina`s Ridges, in which small picturesque villages are hidden through the glades. 

Although broad, the mountains are low in altitude, with sluggish peaks, decorated with beech, sycamore and spruce forests.

The highest and most spectacular ridge is the Ridge of Mestecăniș, having an average altitude of 1500m, the highest point being the Lucina Peak (1586m). In order to get to the Lucina Peak, one can follow the track through Mestecăniș. From there, one can arrive at the Suceava Steams through Cârlibaba.