Bucovina has to offer a multitude of spectacular views for the ones practicing this sport to the mountain-bikers and cyclists.

 This sport can be practiced on numerous tracks in Suceava county, both in the mountains, as in the hills. This region has a great potential for the practice of biking and mountain biking (especially), because of the favorable landform, the varied views, the multitude of natural and cultural touristic attractions, but also because of the complex chain of roads.  

If you find yourself spending your holiday in Bucovina, you can choose to spend hours, days, or even your entire time here on a bike, wandering about the forestry roads, breathing in the fresh air of the woods. While roaming around, you will surely be amazed by the hospitality of the local people.

One can take a walk through the easier paths, which cross the mountainous villages of Bucovina. On the alpine pastures one can see the deposits of dried grass and also the flocks, specific for this area.

There possibilities for everyone: for the ones looking for nice sceneries and easier paths, there are the forestry, communal and asphalted roads, whereas for the people looking for more adrenaline and love mountain-biking, there is a multitude of tracks located in the massifs, with various ranks of difficulty.

Recommended Tracks

Pojorâta – Vama

Level of difficulty: medium; mileage: 111 kilometers; surface: paved road.

Track: Pojorâta Village– Fundu Moldovei Village –  Colacu Village – Botuș Village – Braniștea Village– Breaza de Sus Village–  Benia Village – Moldova-Sulița Village – Izvoarele Sucevei Village – Forest road in Benschi – Pohoniș Step – Brodina de Sus Village – Brodina de Jos Village – Argel Village – Râșca Village– Moldovița Village– Vatra Moldoviței Village– Frumosu Village – Strâmtura Village –  Vama Village

Valea Bistriței

Level of difficulty: medium; mileage: 110 kilometers; estimated time of the trip: between two and three days; surface: paved road, dirt road.

Track: the border of Maramureș County – Cârlibaba – Valea Stânei – Botoș – Ciocănești – Iacobeni – Argestru – Vatra Dornei – Dorna Arini – Cozănești – Gheorghițeni – Ortoaia – Rusca – Sunători – Călinești – Zugreni – Chiril – Cojoci – Satu Mare – Crucea – Holda – Holdița – Broșteni – Lungeni – Pietroasa – the border of Neamț County.

Mălini-Crucea Talienilor-Stânișoara     

Level of difficulty: medium; mileage: 38.4 kilometers; estimated time of the trip: 4 hours; the difference in altitude: approximately 688 meters; surface: paved road.

Track: Pojorâta Mălini – Iesle Village – The monument of the Romanian soldiers, which died in the battles that went off in the month of August in 1944 (Mălini) – Crucea Talienilor – Stânișoara Step.

Fânețele seculare Frumoasa – Fânețele seculare Ponoare

Level of difficulty: medium; mileage: 20.4 kilometers; surface: paved road, dirt road.

Track: DN 209C – Frumoasa Village – Fânețele seculare Frumoasa – Moara Nica Village –The Wooden Church of the Holy Archangels Mihail and Gavriil (Moara Nica) – Moara Carp Village – Fânețele seculare Ponoare – Moara Nica Lake – Bulai Lake – The detour of the city of Suceava – DN 209C.