Lamb with cream and mushrooms

The abundance of hay and hayfields in the area secure the food for the animals which the farmers in Bucovina grow heartily. This is also the reason why the milk, cream and cheese are commonly used in the local recipes.

In the sheepfolds in Suceava, the lamb meat is cooked along with cream, to which, for consistency, mushrooms are added.

The lamb meat is to be rinsed and cut into pieces and then thrown into a kettle in which the oil is already frizzling. After the meat is nice and brown, a lot of water needs to be added in the kettle and left to boil. The meat needs to be foamed out meanwhile. Then, the mushrooms, some carrots and onions are to be added and spiced taste-wise. The kettle is left at a medium flame, so that all tastes combine with each other. At the end, the fat cream is mixed into the kettle and left to boil for a little while. A red glass of wine is also necessary at the meal.

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