The richest author's collection of works in Romania

“Ion Irimescu” Art Museum in Fălticeni has the richest author`s collection of works in Romania, and one of the most representative collections in Europe, consisting in 314 sculptures and over 1000 drawing and graphic art works.

Within the museum there is the personal library of the artist, enriched with art books, rare books, and art treaties. A precious art gallery and the living space of the artist, in which he lived in the last years of his life, are also part of the museum.

The museum in Fălticeni owns more than half of the works of art of Ion Irimescu and they emphasize the artistic beliefs of the artist.

The works of art of the master Ion Irimescu, made out of marble, bronze, wood, ceramics or gypsum, convey through the graphical shapes, subjects such as mother love, music and historical, philosophical and religious themes.

All these works of art had been donated by the artist himself, to his hometown, Fălticeni.

How to get there!

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