A train ride through history!

Huţulca Steam Forestry Train in Moldovița was built in 1888, for the transportation of the wood that was exploited from the forest to be shipped to the saw-mill, on a very narrow railroad track.

The railroad had been taken over by the Religious Fund of Bucovina, which was administering much of the wooden area, and which then changed the gauge of the railway from 800 to 776 mm (the standard gauge size).

At the beginning, the track was 24 km long, but since the year 1987, it has come to a length of 73km. Nowadays the railroad is only 14 km long.

Since 2005, the steam forestry train has been administered by the Association for the preservation of narrow-gauge railways in Romania. The train had been used until the year 2001 for the transportation of wood.

These days, the steam forestry train is a touristic attraction. Recreational rides are offered all along the year.

The railroad starts from the railway station named CFR Moldovița, where one can admire a recollection of narrow-gauge railways, which had been part of the Museum of narrow-gauge railways Ybbsitz from Austria, and later donated to Romania by the collector. 

The railroad goes nearby the river bed of Moldovița brook, in a picturesque area, common to Bucovina.

The end of the railway is a glade, located at the margins of a coniferous forest. There, the touristscan take part in a traditional meal, specific to Bucovina.

How to get there!

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