The Venerable Forest of Slătioara​

The Venerable Forest of Slătioara was introduced to the UNESCO Heritage Site in July 7 th , 2017. Its entire surface is of 1064 hectares. It is situated at the most eastern point of the Rarău Massif, between the basins of the rivers Moldova and Bistrița. The forest stands for a natural reservation, with hundreds of species which have a very high value. The prevailing ones are the spruce, the pine tree, the fir tree, the beech, but also the larch, the taxus and other species. 

This forest is one of the rare places on the planet, where the nature is unbothered by the human intervention. The reservation of the Venerable Forest of Slătioara is part of the protected community area Rarău – Giumalău, which has a surface of 2.547 ha.

The unique elements of the reservation are the venerable examples of fir trees, which diameter
exceeds 140 cm and the height is higher than 55 m. Other species among which stand the
herbaceous plants are of great importance to science, some of which are endemic or very rare.

The natural monuments of the Venerable Forest of Slătioara are the taxus, the Hieracium
oillosum(vulturica de stâncă), the Daphne mezereum(tulichina), Pinguicula vulgaris and Pinguicula alpine(foaie grasă), the Red algae, and the freshwater algae.

How to get there!

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