One can fish in the region of Bucovina, both in running water and in ponds, either in the mountain side or in the plain areas. There are 41 stocks for fishing hucks, trouts, pikes, carps and chubs.

In the mountain side, one can especially fish trouts and graylings and in the plain areas the most common fishes are the chubs, the barbells, the carps, the asp and the pikes.

Almost all around the county of Suceava can one fish, and the fishing enthusiasts can enjoy the unforgettable fishing experiences on the river Suceava, where they can catch trouts, chubs, barbells, broad snouts, vimbas, perches, breams, carps, asps, pikes, and, more rarely, zanders.

Over the river Siret, the fishermen can hope to catch broad snouts, chubs, barbells, asps, carps, crucians, common rudds, pikes and zanders. Meanwhile, on the river Moldova, fishes such as the trout, the Romanian barbel, the chub, but also the small species represented mostly by the common minnow, the common bleak, the alburnoides bipunctatus, the gudgeon and the stone loach can be caught by the fishermen. On the river Bistrița, one can fish trouts, barbells, broad snouts, chubs, gudgeons and common minnows.

It is important to mention that a number of fishing contests are organized in this area. Also, in the village of Ciocănești, the National Festival of the Trout is being held yearly.

All around the county of Suceava are located numerous ponds in which one can fish, especially in the area between Suceava and Fălticeni. This sport can also be practiced on the two reservoirs of the river Siret, at Rogojești and Bucecea, but also on the reservoir of Lipoveni. These reservoirs shelter a variety of species of freshwater fishes and they offer the fishermen unforgettable fishing experiences.