Zip-line and hurdle tracks or Via-ferrata can be practiced in the mountain resorts of Suceava county.

Such an adventure park can be found in Gura Humorului. It is contained by 8 tracks, each having a gradual rising difficulty level and between 10 and 15 places where one can stop.

There is no need for specific abilities for the thrill-seekers to go through the tracks. The track, being full of obstacles and challenges, as well as zip-lines, is available for all ages, but no less than 4 year-olds.

There is another adventure park, situated in Câmpulung Moldovenesc, made for thrill-seeking at great heights and for people that love the nature.

The main attractions of this park are the sections of zip-lining that offer unique experiences, due to the outstanding natural setting.

Some systems with hovering elements at different heights are added and they are available to use for all ages. These elements can be gone through by using the specific equipment and one has either to cross, climb or escalade them.

Furthermore, one can practice Via ferrata or zip-lining above the river Dorna in Vatra Dornei.

The so-called Via ferrata and zip-line workshops are assembled right in the center of Vatra Dornei resort and they stand as the main attraction for the tourists that come in this region.

The Via ferrata consists of crossing over the river Dorna, through the use of two parallel cables, which are set on a vertical axis, whereas the zip-lining involves crossing the river Dorna by using winches.