Bucovina inherits almost all the landforms, so it holds the perfect resources for the ones who love to explore the nature, by offering a multitude of possibilities to spend the holidays and the leisure time, through activities varying from fishing to extreme sports, from hiking to mountaineering.

During summertime, the tourists are able to take part in fishing matches or to practice river-rafting on the rapids that are situated in the mountain area. Moreover, the tourists have the possibility to go horse riding or to go on different tracks by bike.
Also, during winter, the winter sports can be practiced in the mountain resorts situated along the county. The beauty of the region can also be admired from above, through recreational flights by ultra-light aircrafts.

The most important mountain attraction in the region of Suceava is the Rarău Massif. There are three different roadways by which tourists can reach the destination. The resort offers a multitude of possibilities for the tourists to practice different sports and other kinds of activities, such as cycling, trekking, horse riding, pastoral tourism, speleology related activities, ski tracks, free ride, off road, ice climbing, mountaineering, hiking and paragliding.