Escalation is practiced in the region of Suceava mostly in the Rarău Massif (The Lady`s Stones), but also in the Călimani and Suhard Mountains.

The Rarău-Giumalău Mountains are part of the Oriental Carpathians. They are located in the upper part of the drainange basins of Moldova and Bistrița rivers and their surface is about 375 km 2

The specific climate of these mountains is the continental one, distinguished by the long lasting, cold and snowy winter season and short, chilly and wet summer season.

The Massif is accessible, as it has a low incline, but also gorgeous subalpine views and places with an impressive sight over the massifs nearby, such as Pietrosul Bistriței, the Valley of Bistrița, Dorna Depression, the Valley of Moldova and the hills of Bucovina.

Escalation contests are organized in the Rarău Massif, with over 140 tracks to follow, which are very well equipped with high-quality materials, according to the international standards.

The rock on which the tracks are laid out is part of the Transilvanians, its tracks being all natural and embellished with fixed anchors.

Despite the altitude of about 1650 meters, the escalation is possible on average 6 months a year, from May to October.

The escalation on ice can be practiced only in the winter season. In the month of December, the ice fall between the Devil`s Mill and the Zugrenilor Quays is laid out. The season ends in the month of March.