If you plan on going out at night, you found the right place to come! The local people are fond of parties, so you will have a lot of ventures to choose from.

From theme parties, to concert parties and typical Romanian parties, be sure to attend one and it will surely be one night that you will remember!

Versus club

If you want to have fun in a more luxurious environment, this place is for you!

Strikers club

This one is mainly for teenagers and young adults, but also for adults who want a reminiscence of their youth, be sure to check it out! It is located at the first floor of the city mall and is open every day until 5 in the morning! You can also play pool, bowling and table tennis!


If you are lucky enough to come when these people organize a party, be sure not to miss it! Enhanced by the underground environment, this place has a great atmosphere. You will also enjoy the good music and the sophisticated drinks.


If you fancy a live concert or a party with mixed music, this is the place to go to! A very nice club with good drinks and hyped atmosphere! You cannot resist not to dance here. 


If you are a fan of pool parties, this club is exactly what you are looking for. In the summer season, they organize parties with mixed music and good drinks around a big pool. 


Good music and a youth-like atmosphere at this club, both in winter and summer. When the summer season starts, the parties are held outside, at the pool. Meanwhile, in winter, the parties are thrown inside the club, for a cozier atmosphere.

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