Winter season

If you are a person who enjoys winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding, winter is the best time to come around!


Also, in the month of December, you can experience the unique traditions that are still kept by the local people. Christmas is a very important event in Romania, and you can get in the real spirit of Christmas right in the heart of Bucovina.


In order to find out more about Christmas in Bucovina, make sure to read our presentation about the traditions!

Summer Season

If you enjoy a good weather either for doing sports, camping, pilgrimage and visiting, then you should come in summer!


There are a lots of activities that you can do in the summer season, from hiking, to kayaking and fishing, but you can also enjoy the outside festivals that take place during that time.


Although weather can be problematic in this period, the advantages of coming then are: lower prices for accommodation and fewer tourists.


Spring is though the best time to come here if you want to visit the monasteries and do a tour, because most pilgrimages are organized during that time.


Moreover, you can experience the Easter in Bucovina, also an event that has a great value for local people and take part in the traditions. Further more, you may be delighted by the Easter meals prepared by the locals!


Autumn is not the greatest time to come here, because the weather is mostly rainy and cold. The months of September and beginning of October are still warm, so that can be also a good time to come. 


Autumn in Bucovina is mesmerizing, due to the richness in forests, which turn into beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow.