Experience this espiritual reality!

The winter customs are the most spectacular and among the best well-kept practices in Bucovina.

The tourists can find in Bucovina all the traditions which have been practiced for hundreds of years in these areas, from the ritual of the pig-cutting (Ignat), the traditional preparation of the food for the Winter Holidays, to the carols that forego Christmas or the mask parade held in the days before the New Year.

During the Winter Holidays, the Christian rituals are tied to the pre-Christian customs, which have been transmitted from generation to generation. Among these one can mention the dances and the role-plays with masks. This overlapping has created a spiritual reality that is unique in all Europe.

In the night of the New Year`s Eve, the streets in the villages and towns in Bucovina are turned into real stages for the carolers, for the retinues of Goats, Bears or Horses, but also for the dancers who perform Malanca, a type of folk theater with a satiric tint. Malanca is the most waited for and spectacular folk performance.

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