Cheese pancakes with cranberries jam

One of the well-known and appreciated desserts in the area of Bucovina is the cheese pancake. In order to prepare a portion of cheese pancakes, a few ingredients are needed, such as cottage cheese, fresh eggs, semolina, wheat flour, sugar, cream and cranberries jam.

The eggs are to be beaten along with a bit of salt powder. Afterwards, the cook needs to add the cow cheese and mix it thoroughly. It is put out with a bit of lemon juice and then baking powder is added to the mixture. Semolina and wheat flour are incorporated also in the composition and then mixed well until it becomes soft dough.

The cheese pancakes are formed from the dough and then fried on the both sided in girded oil. When the cheese pancakes are nice and brown on both sides, they are taken out of the pan and served along with cream and cranberries jam, ingredients which must enrich the dessert with their flavors.

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