The general image of Bucovina Village Museum reflects the organization and the complex activity of the traditional village, the vernacular architecture of the households and of the community constructions, of the technical facilities which illustrate the occupations and crafts in the area and the way of life of the Bukovina dwellers.  Next to the households formed by houses and annexes located along the narrow street, in the centre of the village, as central point of the life of the community,  there can be found the Vama church and bell tower, the Șaru Dornei  public house and the Securiceni school.

On the river valley which crosses the museum there are located hydraulic technical installations: Mănăstirea Humorului water mill,  the mill machine, the  hackle for wool processing. The occupations and crafts are represented in workshops equipped with the inventory spercific to each profession. Here, the traditional working techniques can be demonstrated and learnt, as they are used as school-workshops for children or turists.

The organization of the interiors represents an ethnographic exhibition which complies with the local particularities of the folk architectural objects. The ovens, the stoves can be found in the museum in a variety of types; the traditional furniture, the textiles for the interior, the pieces of clothing represing folk costumes complete the image of the traditional Bukovinean civilization.

The novelty for the museum is the representation of the spiritual life of the peasant by marking passing rituals, birth and funeral ceremony, as well as the integration rite which is the wedding.

The interest which this type of museum reveals, bases on several defining elements: the exhibition in a natural environment, different construction techniques and specific decorative elements with symbol value, the recreation of a traditional way of life, the document value with educational purpose, the exhibition of the ethnographical collections as close as possible to the utility of the object within the background and not only as museum object, allow the visitor to understand and value, Bucovina’s traditions.

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