Bucovina stew

I truly believe that nobody can resist the temptation to taste a stew when one comes to visit Bucovina. For this dish are used gammon meat, chop, and home-made sausages, which are carefully smoked in oak tree wood.

In a large kettle the fat is to be melted. Afterwards, the pork meat is chopped and added in the kettle and left to stew in the fat. The meat mixture is then spiced up with salt, pepper and savory and it should be stirred from time to time.

When the composition is starting to change its color, a big cup of white wine has to be added in the kettle and be left to boil.

After the meat has softened, the home-made chopped sausage is placed in the mixture and left to boil to seethe together, so that the dish is getting a smoked tint.

Meanwhile, a few cloves of garlic have to be grinded up in a mortar and pestle and added at the end on to the stew.  The dish is served along with polenta, salted sheep cheese, and pickles in brine.

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