Bucovina Rock Castle is an international music festival that will host its ninth edition in 2019. This is the biggest cultural event of its kind in the N-E region of Romania, thus bringing together an average of 7.000 people on each night. The festival seeks to promote the underground rock movements from all around the world. So far, there have been bands playing from over 15 countries spread around three continents. 
The festival takes place in the defence tranches of the Fortress of Suceava which is a 700 years old medieval construction. The fortification withstood all its many sieges, the most famous one being in 1476 where it managed to repel the same army that conquered Constantinople in 1453.
The king at the time was Steven the Great (Stefan cel Mare), one of the most famous kings of the historical lands of Romania, contemporary and friend with Vlad the Impaler and also the patron saint of the town of Suceava.
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