Borsch with boletus and cream

The boletus is appreciated both by the local people and foreigners. It is the un-crowned king of the mushrooms that live in the forests of the county of Suceava. The boletus is high in protein and has a unique and pleasant taste, but it also brings a nice flavor to all the dishes in which it is used.

For a borsch with boletus and cream that needs to satisfy the hunger of 8 people, a list of ingredients is needed: 1 kilogram of boletus, 2 onions, carrots, red bell pepper, approximately half a kilogram of cream, 3 yolks of egg, parsley and well-chopped green dill.

After stewing in the boletus and vegetables together in a pot, at a low flame, water and salt are to be added and let to boil for 40 minutes. Separately, we mix the cream with the 3 yolks of egg. We add a bit of sour borsch to the soup and then the cream dressing.

At the end, the parsley and well-chopped green dill are to be sprinkled on top.

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